Area Code 709 for the State of Newfoundland and Labrador

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Details on Area Code 709

  • State: Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Statewide Area Codes: 709
  • Cities: Arnold S Cove, Arnolds Cove, Badger, Baie Verte, Battle Harbour, Bay L Argent, Bay Roberts, Beaumont, Bell Island, Belleoram
  • Counties: Autauga, Canada
  • Time Zone: UTC-4/-3.5

A compilation of Area Codes in the State of Newfoundland and Labrador


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Telephone Code 709

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
709 212St AnthonyCanada0Telus Mobility
709 213FreshwaterCanada0Telus Mobility
709 214StephenvilleCanada0Telus Mobility
709 215Deer LakeCanada0Telus Mobility
709 222Bay RobertsCanada0Telus Mobility
709 224WestportCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 225River Of PondsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 226FreshwaterCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 227Fresh WaterCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 228Long HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 229Harbour MainCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 230Fresh WaterCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 231Harbour MainCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 232Pouch CoveCanada0Rogers Cable Communications In
709 233TorbayCanada0Rogers Cable Communications In
709 234GanderCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 235GanderCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 236WestportCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 237Saint JohnsCanada0Rogers Cable Communications Inc.
709 238Harbour MainCanada0Rogers Cable Communications Inc.
709 239ClarenvilleCanada0Rogers Cable Communications Inc.
709 240Long PondCanada0Rogers Cable Communications In
709 241Port AlbertCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 242Portugal CoveCanada0Rogers Cable Communications In
709 243Cow HeadCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 244CooksvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 245English Harbour EastCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 246Comfort Cove NewsteadCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 247Brig BayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 248Hawkes BayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 249Cooks HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 251PacquetCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 252BurlingtonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 253Fleur De LysCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 254Mings BightCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 255Nippers HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 256GanderCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 257BotwoodCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 258Bishops FallsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 259Boyds CoveCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 261CampbelltonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 262CampbelltonCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 263TritonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 264BeaumontCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 265Terra NovaCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 266FogoCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 267Little BayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 268King CityCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 269GreenspondCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 270FogoCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 271LourdesCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 272DegrasCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 273Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 274JeffreysCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 275St George SCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 276MarystownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 277MarystownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 278Port Au PortCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 279MarystownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 280Lake CharlotteCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 282Lake CharlotteCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 283StephenvilleCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 285Lake CharlotteCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 288Labrador City WabushCanada0Telus Integrated Communications
709 290Grand FallsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 291CarmanvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 292Grand FallsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 293Grand FallsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 296Grey RiverCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 297Baie VerteCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 298Port SaundersCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 303EastportCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 304TwillingateCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 323Harbour BretonCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 328GarnishCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 329Wild CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 334Witless BayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 335Pouch CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 337Saint BridesCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 338BranchCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 341Saint JohnsCanada0Fido Solutions Inc.
709 342BurinCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 351Saint JohnsCanada0Rogers Wireless
709 353Grand BankCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 356MonkstownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 357MarystownCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 359St LawrenceCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 363FermeuseCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 364Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 368Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 369LamalineCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 373Bay L ArgentCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 374RushoonCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 375TerrencevilleCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 376English Harbour EastCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 377Grand BankCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 383St JohnsCanada0Mts Allstream
709 388Corner BrookCanada0Rogers Cable Communications In
709 391Deer LakeCanada0Rogers Cable Communications In
709 394PasadenaCanada0Rogers Cable Communications In
709 419Rocky HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 421TritonCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 422GanderCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 423GrimsbyCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 424GanderCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 425ClarenvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 426ClarenvilleCanada0Rogers Wireless
709 427ClarenvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 428Petit ForteCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 429ClarenvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 432Cape BroyleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 433ClarenvilleCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 434HillviewCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 435Little Heart S EaseCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 436Port RextonCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 437TorbayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 438TrepasseyCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 439MusgravetownCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 441TritonCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 442BellevueCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 443RushoonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 444Stephenville CrossingCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 445Newmans CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 446Newman S CoveCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 447Kings CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 448Kings CoveCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 449Saint AnthonyCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 450Saint AnthonyCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 451Trout RiverCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 452RaleighCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 453Woody PointCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 454Saint AnthonyCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 455HampdenCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 456Flowers CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 457RoddicktonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 458Rocky HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 459Jacksons ArmCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 460Chance CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 461Bay L ArgentCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 462PrincetonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 463Arnolds CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 464Port RextonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 465Little Harbour EastCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 466ClarenvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 467MusgravetownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 468BonavistaCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 469CatalinaCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 470BonavistaCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 471Black TickleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 472Come By ChanceCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 473JamestownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 475Green Island CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 476BonavistaCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 477CatalinaCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 478Davis InletCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 479PostvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 480Long PondCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 481King S PointCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 482Sops ArmCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 483Leading TicklesCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 484Port LeamingtonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 485Cotrels CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 486Grand FallsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 488Bell IslandCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 489Grand FallsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 491Cottrells CoveCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 492Grand BruitCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 496La PocatiereCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 497North West RiverCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 520GlovertownCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 521Mount CarmelCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 522CentrevilleCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 523Hare BayCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 524GamboCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 525Saint MarysCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 526EastportCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 527BrigusCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 528BrigusCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 529Baie VerteCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 530LumsdenCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 531Seal CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 532Baie VerteCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 533GlovertownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 534CarmanvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 535LewisporteCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 536WesleyvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 537Hare BayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 538Saint AlbansCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 539BadgerCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 540WesleyvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 541LewisporteCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 542Come By ChanceCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 543Port BlandfordCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 544Plate Cove EastCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 545Plate Cove EastCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 546HillviewCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 547Hickmans HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 548Little Hearts EaseCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 549Garden CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 550Garden CoveCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 551Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 552Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 553Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 554Baie VerteCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 556Arnold S CoveCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 557Come By ChanceCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 558PrincetonCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 559Hickman S HarbourCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 561CentrevilleCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 562Port RextonCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 563GlovertownCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 564GamboCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 565PacquetCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 566La ScieCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 567MarystownCanada0Telus Mobility
709 569LewisporteCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 570Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 571GanderCanada0Telus Mobility
709 572Grand FallsCanada0Telus Mobility
709 573Upper Island CoveCanada0Telus Mobility
709 574GlenwoodCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 576Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 579Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 580New HarbourCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 582New HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 583Hearts ContentCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 584Low Island CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 585Heart S ContentCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 586New ChelseaCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 587Old PerlicanCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 588Harts DelightCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 589Upper Island CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 590Heart S DelightCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 591New ChelseaCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 592Chapel ArmCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 593Chapel ArmCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 594Upper Island CoveCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 595CarbonearCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 596CarbonearCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 597CarbonearCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 598WesternbayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 621Change IslandCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 622ConcheCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 623GriquetCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 624Harrys HarborCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 625RameaCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 626Little Bay IslandCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 627SeldomCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 628HillgradeCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 629SummerfordCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 630Corner BrookCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 631St JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 632Corner BrookCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 633Deer LakeCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 634Corner BrookCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 635Deer LakeCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 636Deer LakeCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 637Corner BrookCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 638Corner BrookCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 639Corner BrookCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 640Corner BrookCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 641StephenvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 642LourdesCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 643StephenvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 644DegrasCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 645JeffreysCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 646StpnvlcrsgCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 647Saint GeorgesCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 648Port Au PortCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 649StephenvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 650Roberts ArmCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 651GanderCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 652RobertsarmCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 653Norris ArmCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 654Browns ArmCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 655Musgrove HarborCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 656Boyds CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 657SouthbrookCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 658Jo Bats ArmCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 659Birchy BayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 660Corner BrookCanada0Telus Mobility
709 661Brents CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 662TerrencevilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 663MonroeCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 664Christian IslandCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 665Pools CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 667CharlottetownCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 668SpringdaleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 669Saint BrendnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 670Ladle CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 671HorwoodCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 672BuchansCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 673SpringdaleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 674GamboCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 675La ScieCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 676Clarks HeadCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 677EastportCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 678CentrevilleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 679GlenwoodCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 680Bay RobertsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 681Lark HarborCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 682Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 683Bay RobertsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 684Moretns HaborCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 685Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 686PasadenaCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 687Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 688MciversCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 689Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 690Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 691Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 692SpringdaleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 693Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 694Port Aux BasquesCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 695Port Aux BasquesCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 696Port Aux BasquesCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 697St JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 698Isle Aux MortsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 699St JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 720Upper Island CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 721StephenvilleCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 722Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 723SummerfordCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 724Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 725St JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 726Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 727Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 728Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 729Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 730St JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 733Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 737Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 738Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 739Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 740Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 743Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 744Long PondCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 745Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 746Saint JohnsCanada0Telus Mobility
709 747Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 748Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 749Saint JohnsCanada0Rogers Wireless
709 752Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 753Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 754Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 757Saint JohnsCanada0Gt Group Telecom Services Corp.
709 758Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 759WhitbourneCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 760WhitbourneCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 761Birchy BayCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 762BellevueCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 763St JohnsCanada0Telus Mobility
709 764St JohnsCanada0Telus Mobility
709 765St JohnsCanada0Telus Mobility
709 766ClarenvilleCanada0Telus Mobility
709 767Clarkes HeadCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 768Chance CoveCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 769St JohnsCanada0Telus Mobility
709 770St JohnsCanada0Telus Mobility
709 772Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 773Portugal CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 774RoddicktonCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 775JeffreysCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 777Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 778Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 781Long PondCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 782Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 783SummersideCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 785Corner BrookCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 786Bay RobertsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 787Bay RobertsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 788Bay RobertsCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 789Benoits CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 793St JohnsCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 800St JohnsCanada0Iristel Inc
709 826GarnishCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 827HillgradeCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 831Moretons HarbourCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 832Grand BankCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 833Saint JohnsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 834Long PondCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 835Long PondCanada0Gt Group Telecom Services Corp.
709 841GaultoisCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 842FrancoisCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 843Great Harbour DeepCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 845Paradise ValleyCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 846Mckenzie PortageCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 847Reefs HarborCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 848Rencontre EastCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 851Seal CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 852MillertownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 857LamalineCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 858CarmanvilleCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 861Port SaundersCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 863Island HarborCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 864St JohnsCanada0Gt Group Telecom Services Corp
709 865Main BrookCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 866EngleeCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 867SpringdaleCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 868South BrookCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 869Roberts ArmCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 873Saint LawrenceCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 874Ladle CoveCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 877Black Duck CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 878FairhavenCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 880HermitageCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 881BelleoramCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 882MilltownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 883HermitageCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 884TwillingateCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 885Harbour BretonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 886BurgeoCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 887Coombs CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 888English Harbour WestCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 889MilltownCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 891BurinCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 892HorwoodCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 893TwillingateCanada0Eastlink Limited
709 894BurinCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 895Portugal CoveCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 896Happy AdventureCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 897Happy AdventureCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 898Daniels HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 899Happy AdventureCanada0Aliant Telecom (Mobility)
709 920Red BayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 921Marys HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 922NainCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 923MakkovikCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 924WillingdonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 925Churchill FallsCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 927Lanse LoupCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 931ForteauCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 933HopedaleCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 934Frenchmans IslandCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 938CartwrightCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 939Saint LewisCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 944Lake CharlotteCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 945CarbonearCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 947RigoletCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 949Christian IslandCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 951Pineal LakeCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 955CodroyCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 956Rose BlancheCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 960Port H SampsonCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 961SmokeyCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 972Battle HarbourCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 982Happy Valley Goose BayCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 987Labrador City WabushCanada0Telus Mobility
709 988Norman BayCanada0Aliant Telecom (Nf)
709 998Happy Valley Goose BayCanada0Aliant Telecom
709 700Saint John\'sAutauga0Iristel Inc - ON
709 702Saint John\'sAutauga0Iristel Inc - ON


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